Description:Reputable goat farm with its own cheese production plant in Central Portugal.
Location:Rebocho, Coruche (Portugal)
GPS Coordinates: 38°54'9.61"N - 8°29'54.70"W
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Cabra d'Ouro Agro-Pecuária, Lda. was founded in 1990. It is located on the southwestern edge of the picturesque village of Rebocho. This central location, just about some 70km of Lisbon, undoubtedly contributed to the success of the enterprise. As a result of reaching retirement age, the Dutch owners have recently decided to sell the farm.

Cabra d'Ouro is a renowned enterprise in Portugal for high quality products; the different types of cheese are praised and for livestock one has to make a reservation long beforehand. The farm is a profitable and healthy business generating a gross annual income of €900 000.

On site there are a large open stable for adult goats, an open stable for young goats, a nursery for the smallest lambs, a milking parlor and a feed storage. In addition, a fully equipped cheese production plant, an ample office, two spacious houses and a small guest house are present on the farm. All buildings are well-maintained.

Cabra d'Ouro is connected to a continuous and reliable supply of energy and water resources, which is not always the case in Portugal. Water is provided by the public network and a private deep tube well. A connection to the national EDP-grid ensures electricity supply. In addition to this, two privately owned on-farm tanks provide gas and diesel.

At the moment, the total livestock consists of 800 adult goats, 200 young goats, 150 lambs and 15 billy-goats. All animals are pure Saanen, an originally Swiss breed. The past five years, an overall average production of 1050 liters per goat per year – with 3,9% protein and 3,4% fat – was realized. This means the total farm production amounted to 850 000 liters per year. Naturally, all necessary machinery and equipment for goat farming is available.

In the cheese production plant half of the milk is transformed into cheese. Though the most popular is the traditional Portuguese "Queijo Fresco", different types of Dutch Gouda are also sold and the market for Campestre – a kind of cheese spread with French spices – is gradually increasing. The remaining milk is sold to other cheese factories at an average price of €0,75/liter. As for the cheese making plant, all apparatus are present, while two refrigerating vans are available for transport.

All required licenses are up to date.

We are open to alternative business transfer options.

Interested? For more information please contact:

Marianne Beerten (NL, PT, EN)
A: Rua da Bica, Rebocho, 2100-040 Coruche
M: +351 93 6704018